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Stay And Play Holiday Ideas

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Have you ever looked at some people and thought to yourself whether they work to live or live to work? I have thought the same in many instances when I see some people working so hard for their future and seeing them working day and night. Actually it’s a good thing to have goals in life and working for them because if you don’t work hard now you might not be able to live as comfortably as you wish when you age. Working hard while living your life now is different to sacrificing your entire life by working for the future is another story. Have you ever thought what if tomorrow never comes? I used to also be the type to really work hard and when I was very young I just didn’t realize that living in the moment is so important. One of my really good friends passed away when I was doing advanced level examination and then at that point I just started feeling how uncertain life is. I knew that life just happens and you can just pass away any time but having to experience it at that point really made feel it. Then onwards I knew that in whatever thing I do, I want to really live life because you never know when you will run out of time. It’s very important to work but also take holidays in between, could just be a day at the beach or spending a week somewhere like in golf destinations or mountain ranges. 

If you are looking out to go on a holiday to really have some fun, then there are many more ideas that you could do apart to the ideal golf tour packages Australia. One thing is to choose a place with a lot of water sports and it doesn’t always have to be somewhere with natural rivers or beaches. There are some places like great leisure water parks where you can do a lot of fun activities. You can book out a place like that for three to four days and stay for some great adventure. Another idea would be to go somewhere with trees and rivers, where the let you ride through cables, jumping off swings or even bungee jumping.

Finally, another would be to go somewhere in villa with a good yard and especially if you have a lot of friends that you would like to travel with you can go out and play different games; cricket, volleyball, badminton and even things like cycling. These are some of the stay and play holiday ideas that you could try.

Hi, I’m Elliot Chavarria